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Geriatric Patient Simulator, TERi, wins EMS World Innovation Award | Sim & Skills

Geriatric Patient Simulator, TERi, wins EMS World Innovation Award

TERi, the realistic Geriatric Patient Simulator from Nasco Healthcare, has won the prestigious award for innovation at the 2021 EMS World Innovation Awards. This award programme recognises the industry’s most pioneering products of the year that were on full display at EMS World Expo, held October 4–8 in Atlanta, USA.

EMS World Innovation Award Winner 2021 - TERi Geriatric Patient Simulator

TERi is only geriatric patient simulator that realistically simulates how an elderly patient moves and feels. As well as enabling practise of all the skills required for dignified geriatric nursing care.

The majority of NHS patients are aged 70-74, yet for decades, patient simulators have not represented this age group. Thankfully, this has now changed with the advent of facial overlays and hyper-realisitic manikins but replicating how an elderly person's limbs and body moves has been challenging. 

With the TERi Andogynous Patient Care Simualtor, Nasco Healthcare has overcome this challenge and created a realisitc-looking elderly manikin which also has reliable technology built in for bluetooth CPR feedback.

The EMS World Innovation Awards judges were suitable impressed and gave the feedback:

"The only fully realistic geriatric manikin I've seen. With simulation, users need to believe what they are looking at—otherwise they always have to play 'make believe.' I actually felt like I was dealing with an elderly patient."

Sim & Skills is an authorised supplier of Nasco Healthcare products in the UK.


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