SIMStation Essential

SIMStation Essential

SIMStation Essential has established itself as the most compelling high-end solution in the market for ultra-mobile video recording and debriefing for simulations. The unique combination of premium equipment and absolute mobility opens up a wide range of possibilities for professional simulation. Due to its perfect AV quality and full flexibility, the SIMStation Essential meets all the requirements for ultra-mobile simulation scenarios - especially in the medical sector.


SIMStation Essential is completely "pre-engineered" and thus a balanced package of hardware & software that is fully operational right from the beginning.


At only 22 kg, SIMStation Essential is easy to transport, set up at any time & can be used immediately - so even small teams can run simulations quickly & anywhere!

High-End Technology

The camera & microphone technology consists exclusively of premium AV products. The convincing results: perfect images, clear sound & optimal transmission.

Fully Scalable

Not only spatially but also technically the product line can be adapted very quickly. An upgrade to SIMStation Essential Plus, for example, is possible at any time.

The Complete Simulation System

Unlike conventional ultra-mobile systems from other suppliers, the SIMStation Essential product line combines ultra-mobile advantages with perfect AV quality and full software functionality. Moreover, the concept of SIMStation Essential supports complex simulation scenarios in all aspects. The important elements of any simulation setup - simulation, control and debriefing unit - are fully covered. This opens up numerous and, above all, flexibly designable application possibilities for the users.

SIMStation Essential
SIMStation Essential

What's included with SIMStation Essential?

No installation required, SIMStation Essential arrives pre-configured and ready to go.

1 Mobile PTZ IP-Camera

High-Quality Video - expandable by up to 4 IP Cameras.

1 Boundary Microphone

High-Quality Audio - completely freely placeable.

1 SIMStation Control Laptop

To design, overview and control the simulation scenario.

Integrated, perfectly matched Software

Contains all functions to cover Simulation, Control & Debriefing Units.

1 SIMStation Remote Tablet

For Convenient Bookmarking and Debriefing Control.

1 Ethernet Network Component incl. all PoE Switches

Fully self-sufficient - also integrates into existing networks.

1 Aluminum Trolley

Contains the entire equipment - in total only 22 kg.

A fully Scalable Package

Many Add-ons & Services are available!

2-Year Warranty

Upgrade to a 5-year warranty for a one-off fee.

Level-up with SIMStation Essential Plus

1 SIMStation Debriefing Laptop

Enables a separate Debriefing Room with live broadcasting.

1 Patient-Monitor Capture-Device

To integrate a Patient Monitor into the live stream.

2 Additional IP Cameras

As a supplement to the mobile PTZ IP-Camera.

1 Additional Suitcase

For the additional equipment – in total only 8 kg.

Gain even more flexibilty and functionality by adding components

SIMStation Essential Plus

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