Pitting Oedema Trainer Life/form Clinical Skills Sim & Skills

Pitting Oedema Trainer

Life/form by Nasco Healthcare
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The Life/form® Pitting Oedema Trainer uses life-like simulated tissue to demonstrate Stages 1+ through 4+.

Pitting Oedema Trainer

Part of patient assessment includes observation of swelling in the extremities. Abnormal accumulation of fluid causes swelling within the interstitial spaces of tissue.
Pressing on the surface of the skin may leave an indentation that does not immediately rebound once the pressure is released.

This indentation is known as pitting oedema and it is graded by the depth of the indentation and then time it persists after the release of pressure.

The trainer uses life-like simulated tissue to demonstrate the Stages 1+ through 4+:

1+ - Mild pitting, slight indentation (2mm), no perceptible swelling of area
2+ - Moderate pitting, indentation (4mm) subsides rapidly
3+ - Deep pitting, indentation (6mm) remains for a short time, area looks swollen
4+ - Very deep pitting, indentation (8mm) lasts a long time, area is very swollen

Features for assessment:
Stages (1+ through 4+)
Depth (2mm - 8mm)
Rebound time to baseline